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How does Lifeafterstroke work?

Step 1

Set up as an administrator

You or your patient needs to set up an account

Step 2

Select the excercises and durations

Choose the most appropriate exercises

Step 3

Monitor the patient and edit perscription

Login and see how your patient is progressing

Simple to Use

Make sure your patient is getting the rehabilitation they need

  • Lifeafterstroke puts patient rehabilitation first

  • A wide selection of therapies to choose from

  • Will automatically go to the next exercise

  • Runs on computer tablet and phone


Patient Centric Features

Physical Improvement

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Communicative rehabilitation

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Cognitive development

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45 Minutes a Day

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It works

Why Lifeafter stroke can make a difference

From the moment survivors leave hospital after a stroke, they and their family need regular daily rehabilitation and support

The NICE guidelines state that survivors should receive at least 45 minutes of relevant therapy at least 5 days a week. This is not widely available which leads top poor and protracted recovery times.

Providing all the therapy by traditional methods puts a huge demand on community care teams as they do not have the resources or facilities it requires. Waiting for support after discharge from hospital can cause regression particularly when daily therapy is not offered.

Telerehabilitation can commence immediately upon leaving hospital.

It has been scientifically found to be "As effective as in-clinic therapy for the rehabilitation of stroke patients." Dr Cramer Irvine University.

Many happy clients

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  • Regularly updated exercises

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see if my patient has done all their excersices

Just Log in and you can quickly see which excersices the patient has done, how many times they have done it and if they have progressed to the next level, you can also see how difficult the patient found them.

How do I choose which excersices my patient does

Its very simple just tick the box next to the exercise that you would like the patient to see

How did Lifeafterstroke develop the exercises

The team have been treating patients in the south West for a combined 25 years, and these are the exercises that they have found work the best. But if you would like to add an exercise, we can add it to the repertoire for you

Will the system ever get too busy

No it's very unlikely as our server can handle half a million users at a time

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